The following two hashtags have gone viral in the social media. #JeSuisDalia and #JeSuisAhmed.

The generalizations that we see in response to the terrorist attack in France are blurring the reality. These two hashtags give us a better understanding of the reality - an individual who paid with his life to protect others, and another individual who is being asked to answer for someone else's crime.


Ahmed Merabet, a French Muslim policeman, died trying to protect a publication that had mocked and derided his own religion. This strikes at the root of Islamophobes' tactics of blaming an entire religious group based on the actions of a few.


This comment by Dalia Mogahed is a brilliant response to those who demand that Muslims anywhere in the world apologize for the actions of terrorists. The bigotry and prejudice that is inherent in most of these demands is thoroughly debunked by the excellent response from Dalia. When Anders Breivik killed dozens of young people in Norway, the world's Christians didn't have to apologize, and it should be the same for Muslims.