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It’s great that “A Serious Man” was set and shot in St. Louis Park, but that’s become a rarity as states with strong production incentives siphon off movies that ought to have been made here.
“Juno” was set in the Twin Cities but shot in British Columbia.
“Gran Torino” was set in St. Paul but shot in Detroit.
“New in Town” was set in New Ulm but shot in Manitoba.
“Jennifer’s Body” was set in Minnesota … well, let’s let that one slide.
Now, the latest insult. The new Jennifer Garner comedy “Butter” is about competitive Midwestern butter sculptors in their local annual contest.
So it’s essentially set at the Minnesota State Fair. And where, per Variety,  is Garner's production company going to film it?
Louisiana. Where it’s hotter than a Kiss guitar solo. Hotter than a cayenne pepper G-string. Hotter than George Clooney holding a picture of Robert Pattinson. Hotter than an oil rig fire on the Fourth of July.
This is a butter carving comedy set in a state where the Popsicle timeframe is down to 20 seconds.
This is a travesty. Since Garner also co-starred in the runaway production “Juno,” she is clearly an Enemy Of Minnesota. We are a stoic but proud people, Jennifer; we don’t forget such slights quickly. We're done. From now on, you can expect to see us to satisfy our appetite for insipid romantic comedy with Reese Witherspoon and Katherine Heigl.