Q: I just read that "The Talk" will end in December. Why? What happened?

A: According to Deadline, the CBS chat show is the network's least-watched daytime series and has seen ratings decline. In addition, CBS has other plans. Not long after the network announced that "The Talk" will end, it announced the January premiere of "The Gates," a new daytime drama that "follows the lives of a wealthy Black family in a posh, gated community." The announcement did not include a time slot, but it has been expected the show will replace "The Talk."

Listen up

Q: We had been watching a TV show called "I Can See Your Voice," hosted by Ken Jeong. Suddenly it just stopped airing. What's going on with it?

A: Fox has set May 16 for the return of the musical game show, based on a South Korean program in which contestants try to detect bad singers without actually hearing their vocals.

No more 'Rider'

Q: I just finished watching the third season of "Alex Rider." Will there be a fourth?

A: No. The teenage spy drama based on novels by Anthony Horowitz concluded with that third season on Freevee.

Good 'Oval' news

Q: Will there be new episodes of "The Oval" or just reruns?

A: The White House drama from Tyler Perry has been picked up for a sixth season under a new deal with BET Media Group. The deal also included pickups for Perry's "Sistas," "Assisted Living," "House of Payne," "Zatima," "Ruthless," "Bruh" and "All the Queen's Men," along with a new series, "Route 187."

"The Oval," by the way, has a big cliffhanger to resolve, with TVLine reporting that the season finale had a mass shooting where "nearly every major character — Hunter, Victoria, Jason, Donald, Kyle, Eli, Simone, Sam, Max, Bobby, Richard and Priscilla — was present for the dramatic turn of events, which means any one of them could technically get caught in the crossfire."


Q: Around 1969 or 1970, I watched a dramatic TV series about a group of hippie types who were stranded on a desert island after a plane crash. I think it lasted only one season. Does this sound familiar?

A: That was "The New People," a drama on ABC for a half a season in 1969-70. A group of young folks are stranded on an island and try to create their own society. Rod Serling wrote the pilot. One novel aspect of the show was that episodes were 45 minutes long and paired with another 45-minute show, "Music Scene," which featured the Beatles, James Brown, Janis Joplin, Buck Owens and others. That didn't last, either.

Scary stuff

Q: Sometime between 1965 and 1980, I saw a televised late-night movie about four astronauts on an alien planet that somehow sensed their worst fears and put them into situations that forced them to face their fears. I realize this isn't a lot to go on, but I want to see it again, if only to figure out what I found so compelling.

A: This was "Galaxy of Terror," a 1981 blend of science fiction and horror starring Edward Albert and Erin Moran. Places you can find it include Freevee, DVD and Blu-ray.

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