Well, our husbands call it the Twisted Sisters Cabin, but it’s really just The Cabin.

It began as a double-wide trailer home that our parents bought in 1981 as a weekend getaway near Hutchinson. They were farmers, and we as a farm family never went to a cabin or to a lake. This was all new to us, but we quickly adapted. We remember the 1970s decor of that trailer home including the orange shag carpet and the avocado green appliances. It still was a great family gathering place, where we came together with our parents on weekends and ­holidays. Dad passed away in 1993, but Mom continued to live there during her retirement. When the upkeep became too much, we sisters (and spouses) took over.

Time took a toll on the doublewide, and we joked that we shared the trailer with the critters. They had it in the winter, we had it in the summer. We decided to upgrade and built a permanent structure. During planning, we didn’t require much and wanted to keep it basic. We did want a big kitchen for gathering and plenty of spots for people to sleep. We got it. We have a big kitchen so everyone can sit at the table to enjoy meals, and we have beds for 15.

It’s a great hangout. Our mom is so happy when all the kids and grandkids and even great-grandkids (more than 30) get together. Some people wonder how three sisters who are all married and have kids of their own can share one cabin, but we make it work. There are times that we are all there, and there are times we reserve “exclusive” weekends. It’s all about family and having fun at the cabin.

Connie Meeker, Green Isle