At his retirement news conference Monday, Twins great Joe Mauer talked about wanting to spend more time with his family.

"I know the right decision for me and I made it. So I'm excited and I'm happy for that," Mauer said. "I'm happy to spend time with my girls, and my new baby that's coming soon. Any minute. Hopefully not today."

No, the new baby didn't come Monday. But he wasn't far off. Two days later, on Wednesday, Joe and Maddie Mauer welcomed their third child: a baby boy, Charles Joseph Mauer.

The couple already has twin 5-year-old girls, Emily and Maren. Mauer said Monday that he and Maddie didn't know if their third child was going to be a boy or girl. Now they know — and can settle in for the parenting challenges ahead.

"I'm excited … to be there and be around for the girls, be around for my wife, be around for this baby," Mauer said.

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