'The Lovebirds'

Jibran (Kumail Nanjiani) and Leilani (Issa Rae) are on the brink of breaking up when they inadvertently get embroiled in a murder mystery that has them tearing around New Orleans with no time to stop for beignets. The chase, though, is less exhilarating than the vibe between the two up-and-coming stars, who bicker like they're rehearsing for a revival of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Those looking for a fast-paced romcom will fall in love. Netflix

'Run the Jewels 4'

One of the most hotly anticipated albums of 2020, bombastic hip-hop duo Run the Jewels' fourth LP (and first in four years) has gained even more buzz following rapper Killer Mike's widely shared, emotional speech about George Floyd and police brutality in front of Atlanta's mayor last weekend. Then on Wednesday, he and partner El-P made the record available for free via their website: "The world is infested with [b.s.] so here's something raw to listen to while you deal with it all. We hope it brings you some joy." Mavis Staples and Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine guest on the album. Runthejewels.com

'DC Banks'

From the inexhaustible font of British detective shows comes this five-season adaptation of Peter Robinson's procedural whodunits. The titular cop is stern, shouty and regards the world with an incredulous glower. His saucy female partner is arrogant and irritating, but everyone puts up with her because she gets results! A show for people who grew weary of the baroque anguish of "Broadchurch" and found "Endeavor" too measured. It's a solid B-level British mystery. Amazon Prime


While we're clearly due for an updated version, this film of a 1972 all-star concert at Los Angeles County Stadium to commemorate the Watts riots offered plenty of lessons and moments of healing that are still potent. Fashioned after the "Woodstock" film, the documentary includes lively performances by Stax recording acts such as the Staple Singers, Carla and Rufus Thomas, Albert King, Richard Pryor and an unequivocally cool Isaac Hayes, all introduced by the Rev. Jesse Jackson's ringing "I Am Somebody" speech. AppleTV and GooglePlay

Virtual Vatican

Sad about canceling your summer trip to Rome? If cooking homemade Italian pasta at home doesn't cut it, choose from 12 different virtual tours at this historic site. Inside each room, there's a 360-degree turning mechanism that makes it feel like you're inside the museum, with arrows that take you from room to room. Stop by the Stanze of Raphael for detailed 16th-century paintings and frescoes of biblical scenes, classical mythology, philosophy, and more. There are also videos with intense piano music that offer a less self-guided experience. Nothing beats the real thing, but if you can deal with feeling like Google Streetview is your museum tour guide, that's amore. museivaticani.va

'Modern Family: The Untold Story of One of Television's Groundbreaking Sitcoms'

Like the TV series, this thorough history lesson has a little something for everyone: breakdowns of classic episodes, set-design details, backstage secrets, even an acting lesson from Ed O'Neill. Most remarkably, author Marc Freeman finally gets the dirt on the split between co-creators Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, revealing how they managed to run the show while barely speaking to each other. Amazon.com

'Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit'

You won't go wrong with anything from Aardman, the British stop-motion animation studio that is responsible for "Shaun of the Sheep," "Chicken Run," the "Wallace and Gromit" short films and this full-length comic adventure. The titular dweeb and understanding pooch attempt to undermine a village gardening contest (which, as a result of "The Great British Baking Show," we now know is a thing). The regular voice cast is joined by guest stars Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes, who is particularly hilarious. Amazon, YouTube, Hulu

Steel Panther

Tired of singers strumming acoustic guitars in their living rooms? Yearning for a blast of good ol' hair-band rock 'n' roll? Leave it to Steel Panther, which is either the finest parody of 1980s Spandex rock or the best of what's left of glam metal. The cartoonish, profane, un-PC quartet is setting up in Los Angeles with full production for the livestreamed "Concert to Save the World." Tickets cost $15, with proceeds going to Heavenly Pets Animal Rescue. 4 p.m. Sun., steelpantherrocks.com

'St. Elsewhere'

This 1980s gem never enjoyed the ratings success of "ER" and "Grey's Anatomy," but it remains the greatest medical series ever. Along with "Hill Street Blues," the series showed that you could mix comedy and drama without jarring viewers. The show is best remembered today for introducing Denzel Washington and its wonderfully bizarre ending, but there's so much more here to relish. Make an appointment. Stat. Hulu