Not by a long shot. We are getting a little break from all the action rightnow, but Old Man Winter still has some tricks yet to be played.One must note that in regard to weather, March could very well be the worstmonth of the year. March has it all, from raging blizzards and cold waves todevastating outbreaks of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. About the onlything you don't see much of in March are tropical storms.

How many of you were around to witness the Great March Blizzard of 1993? Thegreat extent of the extreme weather produced by that storm is about the worstyou'll ever see anytime, anywhere.

March is an extreme time due to the titanic battle between air masses thatoften occurs. To the north, it's still cold enough to pass as midwinter, whileto the south the atmosphere is warming by incredible rates. These temperatureextremes create a huge amount of stress, which is somewhat relieved during thepassage of major cyclones (storms).

No my friends, winter is not over yet. It's Just catching its wind for someother ruckus it will cause down the road.

Story by Senior Meteorologist John Kocet