The Timberwolves will have interviewed 6 1/2 candidates (see Rick Adelman below) by the time Larry Brown is the last into town to meet with President David Kahn, owner Glen Taylor and others Wednesday. Here's a look at the field being considered to replace the fired Kurt Rambis:


Career record


(three seasons; MIL, PHX)

Selling points: Knows owner Glen Taylor from Wolves playing days. Inexpensive hire. Led Bucks to .500 record and playoffs in rookie season.

Cause for concern: Fired twice in short coaching career. Dismissed by Suns for slowing their frantic offense and maybe even emphasizing defense too much.

His chances? Nice guy with ties to Minnesota and Wisconsin, but probably the longest of long shots.


Career record


(six seasons; ATL)

Selling points: Made a young team filled with lottery-pick talent better every year with Hawks, from 13 victories in his first season to 53 in his last.

Cause for concern: Defensive-minded coach who played for Bob Knight and coached under Larry Brown might not have fast-break ball in his DNA.

His chances? Solid, safe pick but probably not a favorite.


Career record


(13 seasons; SEA, DEN, WASH, CHAR)

Selling points: Has done it all -- coach, GM, prez -- in 25-plus year NBA career that began before most Wolves players were born.

Cause for concern: Hasn't been a head coach since 2007. At age 67, does he still have the fire to be one?

His chances? They'd be better if son J.B. hadn't left team to join Kevin McHale in Houston.


Career record


(31 seasons; MIL, GS, NY, DAL

Selling points: Nobody has won more games in NBA history or is better suited to playing fast, which is just what David Kahn wants.

Cause for concern: At 71, is this hoops "lifer" seeking one final job for one last big paycheck? Anthony Randolph isn't his biggest fan, either.

His chances? Big short-term upside but long-term risk.


Career record


(four-plus seasons; TOR)

Selling points: Former Wolves player and fan favorite, he knows Glen Taylor well and got more out of a young Raptors team than coaches before or since him.

Cause for concern: Not the natural uptempo coach Kahn said he wants for this team and apparently nowhere to be found on Kahn's original list of candidates.

His chances? Is THE favorite if Taylor decides he will make this important hire himself.


Career record


(27 seasons: DEN, NJ, SAN, LAC, PHI, DET, NY, CHAR)

Selling points: A proven NBA winner who, like Nelson, makes bad teams better. He and Kahn have known each other since their UCLA days in the late 1970s.

Cause for concern: The sport's most infamous nomad, he's tough on young players, particularly point guards.

His chances? Big risk, big reward, but even his mentee probably won't hire him anymore.


Career record


(20 seasons with POR, GS, SAC, HOU)

Selling points: Highest winning percentage of the group. Will play fast. Knows Kevin Love well.

Cause for concern: Says he doesn't want to get back into the coaching grind at age 65 after he and the Rockets agreed to part ways in the spring.

His chances? He'd address most of the Wolves' issues but says he isn't interested.

Note: Adelman discussed job by telephone but hasn't interviewed in person.