It's been a few days since we had a take so hot that we saw fit to print a Hot Take, but e-mailer Scott stepped up to the plate in a big way with some Wednesday thoughts on Kevin Love. Please note: Usually in this space we are poking a little fun at the opinions expressed, but we truly did enjoy portions of Scott's e-mail — including his assertion that Kevin Love is "the Jay Cutler of the NBA." Scott?


I buy your paper nearly everyday here in New Richmond, Wis. Like your sports section because you print late and I can get final results in your paper. I have a day off today so am watching SportsCenter. Kevin Love is hot topic on the air today. I have been watching the Cavaliers this season mainly because you can't avoid them. Let me say, the Cavaliers got exactly what they deserved with Mr. Love. He's the Jay Cutler of the NBA. When things are going good, "wow what a talent."

Problem is: nothing goes good enough for guys of this makeup. Love is NOT a team player. He plays no defense. The offense now no longer goes through him so I can only imagine how "pouty" he must be to have on that team. I bet LeBron despises him. Most of the attention is focused on Blatt being in over his head. I'll bet Mr. Love is huge part of the problems that Cleveland is having. All off-season we heard that Love would make a great addition to LeBron & the Cavaliers. I was skeptical to say the least. Best idea I heard today is that maybe Cleveland trades him. But Cleveland would have some major face-saving to do if that happens AND what would any team give up to get him? My guess is Blatt gets fired. Love stays. Cavaliers limp into the playoffs and then get beat early. Love does not return next year to Cleveland. Best case scenario then is his value decreases. I can't claim to know Kevin Love but I have seen his type before in real life. They're a [redacted] to work with.