I remember when the discount during Menards storewide sales used to be 17 percent. Did it used to be as high as 23 percent? Now it's 11 percent and the discount comes in the form of a storewide credit rebate check which is mailed.

Shoppers could quibble about the lower discount rebate, but give Menards its due. Its prices have always been lower than Home Depot's, in general, although Menards' quality isn't always as high.

If you want an immediate discount on your purchase instead of a rebate card, try Home Depot. I called the Minneapolis Quarry store and the Bloomington store Tuesday morning and was told that they were honoring the discount, although the person in Bloomington thought it might only apply to the Pro Desk. Check with your own local Home Depot for sure.

I called Lowe's in Plymouth and was told they are not matching Menards, but again you may want to check first.

If you're shopping at Menards, this is a good time to troll through the aisles to see what's on sale. The 11 percent discount on top of a sale price should be a good deal if you need the item.