Ireland likes E85

Car and Driver recently reported that the introduction of E85 fuel (85 percent ethanol, 15 percent gasoline) in England has been met with little interest. Few filling stations carry the blend and only a handful of cars have been sold that can run on E85. But it's a different story in Ireland, where significant reductions in the purchase tax of flex-fuel cars and other tax concessions have encouraged sales. Ireland has 28 stations that carry E85 made from bioethanol fermented from whey, a byproduct of the Irish dairy industry and, as the magazine mused, "the same stuff that makes Baileys Irish Cream so much more interesting than just cream."

Car events are almost here

Those of us who love our cars also love car shows. And these events usually end in the fall, so winter can be a dismal time. But fear not, fellow gear heads, help is on the way. Here's a lineup of dates to mark on your shiny new 2009 calendar:

February 6 to 8: World of Wheels, St. Paul

March 21 to 29: Greater St. Paul and Minneapolis International Auto Show

March 27 to 29: World of Wheels, Duluth

March 28 and 29: GSTA Rod & Custom Spectacular (Gopher State Timing Association)

June 19 to 21: Back to the 50s

July 17 to 19: Car Craft Summer Nationals

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