Q: We have 70,000 miles on our GMC Terrain. About a year ago, the backup camera stopped working. Every once in a while, the image would go to a fuzzy black and white background. If there is a simple fix and not too expensive, I would do it.

A: Because the camera was acting up before failing, I'd assume that it's dead. Otherwise, I would have suggested checking the fuses. Get a few estimates because it may be more than you want to invest. It might be cheaper to install an aftermarket camera kit that mounts to the license plate bracket.

Idle too high

Q: I enjoy your column, but I disagree with your response to the writer asking about his engine that keeps running. Having worked as a Buick Master Tech for 34 years, I remember Buick introduced the 455 CID engine in 1969. Most of the time, the idle was set too high. GM added anti-dieseling solenoids in 1972. As long as the dwell and timing are set correctly, it should be OK.

A: I had a hunch I would hear from an old-time mechanic or two. Dieseling refers to an engine that runs although there is no spark from the spark plugs. The solenoid would hold the throttle open. When the key was turned off, the solenoid shaft retracted, and the throttle closed. As several readers noted, many mechanics adjusted the solenoid to set the idle speed instead of correctly adjusting the carburetor's idle screw. The fix is to replace the solenoid and set the idle the right way.

Don't change fluid

Q: I own a 2016 Ford F150 EcoBoost 4x4 with 45,000 miles on it. The owner's manual says there's no need to change transmission fluid now. My husband declares it must be done on any auto. Do you have any information on this?

A: Automobile companies invest bucket loads of dollars and years of research into designing components to be maintenance-free. If your pickup has a six-speed or 10-speed transmission, it can go another 100,000 miles before the scheduled transmission fluid and filter replacement.

Bob Weber is a writer, mechanic and ASE-certified Master Automobile Technician. His writing has appeared in automotive trade publications, Consumer Guide and Consumers Digest. Send automotive questions along with name and town to motormouth.tribune@gmail.com.