Kathy Kelly, an internationally known peace activist and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, will speak about her experiences traveling to Iraq and Afghanistan at St. Luke Presbyterian Church in Minnetonka tonight and Sunday.

One of the founding members of the anti-war group Voices in the Wilderness, Kelly is currently co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, which has long-standing roots in active nonviolent resistance to war.

As part of peace teams in several countries, Kelly has traveled to Iraq 26 times, remaining in combat zones during the early days of both U.S.-Iraq wars. She has been arrested more than 60 times at home and abroad, and written of her experiences as a civilian under U.S. military bombardment and as an inmate of U.S. prisons.

During her appearances at St. Luke, Kelly will speak on "Courage for Peace in Afghanistan: Following the Children," which will reflect her recent experiences listening to and learning from Afghanistan citizens living in a war-torn country.

Members of Voices in the Wilderness led more than 70 delegations to Iraq to challenge U.S./U.N. economic sanctions and were present in Baghdad to nonviolently oppose the 2003 U.S. military invasion.

Find out more details about Kelly's talks at St. Luke at www.stluke.mn.