Details: 24, Minneapolis, graduate student and blogger (

How would you describe your style? Feminine and classic — with a little spunk! But I’m a chameleon, so I’m sure that description will change in the future.

What are your favorite brands? J. Crew, Madewell, Loft, Gap, Ruche. This list goes on and on and on!

Where do you get your style inspiration from? Fashion bloggers, old movies, magazines, Pinterest, the people I pass in the grocery store … practically anywhere and everywhere.

Why do you think Instagram is a good platform for showcasing what you wear? Instagram is a visual platform, which is perfect for showcasing not only my personal style but also my own way of viewing the world. And it’s such a great and approachable way to connect with people who share similar interests.

What trends are you excited about right now? I’m loving the higher-waisted skirts/shorts paired with a soft, flowy blouse. It creates a sweet silhouette!

Instagramming yourself seems hard. Any tips or tricks you can share? If you’re taking your own photos, I recommend using the Muku Shuttr remote (you can find it on Amazon). It’s simple to set up and eliminates the “selfie arm” in your photos! Also, I always try to remember natural lighting is the best kind of lighting.