That’s show biz - or, in this case, no biz:

Rocker James Durbin, fighting tears of disbelief, was thrown off "American Idol" on Thursday as viewers chose their Top 3 on the TV singing show.

 Durbin, 22, who was widely seen as a sure bet for going all the way to the finals, got the least number of votes despite universal praise from the judges during the week of inspirational songs.

 His shock departure left 17-year-old country singer Scotty McCreery, pop/country singer Lauren Alaina, 16, and Haley Reinhart, 20, to compete for a place in the finale.

 "I worked so damn hard and I was hoping to get there," said a stunned Durbin, tears streaming down his face.

Rockers do not cry. They can play rock and later cry, or they can be sensitive troubadours who intent to make everyone mist up, or they can be Dan Hill, but if you’re going to choose the profession - nay, the calling of Rocker, then remain dry. There’s no crying in baseball or rock. At most you can brush away some slight moistness at your drummer’s funeral.


He'll get signed. Record companies are always looking for a good belter.

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