Today's "Argyle Sweater" cartoon:

Michael Jackson and Elmer Fudd in 1980. I have no idea. (UPDATE: oh, man. There are TWO possible meanings.)

In related news, Sunday's example of the worst-drawn cartoon featured a woman whose use of a "Clapper" - you know, cutting edge modern tech - caused her husband's heart to stop:

Leaving aside the fact that "womp" is usually spelled with an H, the cartoon made me think of the previous week, which had the same incompetently rendered living room set:

I think he's had 30 years to get his style to this point.

NYC A collection of photos from NYC in the 70s and 80s, from -

Well, hold on a moment. First, an example.

Hey, they had Instagram filters back then? No. But it's not hard to bring them back to life. Voila:


The photos are from this site, which I wouldn't have stumbled across if it wasn't for a blog post about the pictures. And by "blog post" I mean the blogger took fifty pictures and put them up without comment, hoping to snag traffic for his bloodsucking website, so no link for him.

Speaking of New York: the Post revisits the infamous case of Kitty Genovese. If you recall, the New York Times " reported that 38 of her neighbors had seen the attack and watched it unfold without calling for help." Word spread:

Too bad it wasn't true, as the piece reminds us. But it confirmed what people wanted to believe about other people - or at least what some people at the NYT wanted to believe.

COULROPHOBIA The Daily News says the nation may have already passed Peak Clown:

Here's the sort of thing future generations may never see.

Surely they will curse us for not curating this cultural archetype for subsequent generations.

ART 3D GIFs: the oldest art form of the web continues to evolve. How did they do that? Go here for details.

STYLE People who can't wait for the next season of "Mad Men" might enjoy this perfectly restored mid-century modern rambler. They might also wish the show still took place in that era.

SCIENCE! Mystery of the rock that appeared on Mars next to Opportunity solved. No surprises, really.

ICYMI: Friday's video of the Home and Patio show, complete with bad JFK imitation. Enjoy the day, whichever President you choose to revere.