I do it myself!

This is a phrase 2 year old Vivian is using quite often these days to assert her independence.

This statement is often accompanied by an emphatic folding of the arms, maybe a lower lip pout and perhaps a stomp of the foot for good measure.   

Ah, toddler autonomy is a mixed blessing. Of course I want her to become her own person, but I also want to hit some virtual pause button.  Our little girl who needed us for everything is growing up so fast.

Putting on her shoes? “ I do it myself!”  Fine.
Dressing herself?  “I do it myself! “ Okay. 
Changing her own diaper?  “I do it myself! “  Um, no.  In this case, I must intervene, distract, deter and diaper.
As a result she often walks around the house dressed in various shades of inside out and backwards pink clothing.  But she’s inside out and backwards with a proud and confident look on her face.
Our little Miss Independence may be strong-willed and headstrong one moment.
Then she’ll  throw her arms around me and give me a very European two cheeked kiss the next.  
That girl melts my heart.
All by herself.