Curtis Sittenfeld hasn't heard from Hillary, but she has heard from Hulu, and that might be even better.

The Minneapolis writer is the author of the bestselling novel "Rodham," which reimagines the life of Hillary Rodham Clinton if she hadn't married Bill Clinton. On Wednesday, it was announced that Hulu had optioned the rights to the book, with Sarah Treem to be producer and writer.

"I'm cautiously optimistic," Sittenfeld said. "My other books have been optioned (and several are currently in development) without making it on-screen so this isn't a guarantee. But Sarah Treem and Hulu are both great and I'm hopeful."

Treem is also co-creator of Showtime's series "The Affair" and has worked on "House of Cards" and other series.

Should the Rodham series become a go, Sittenfeld would also be an executive producer. Which means what? "In all honesty, I am not completely sure," she said. "Don't I sound like a savvy businesswoman?"

Sittenfeld is the author of six novels, including the bestselling "American Wife," which is based on the interior life of a fictitious woman much like Laura Bush.