Michael Rand goes on a journey from blown saves to Robert Palmer in an attempt to help you, the listener, figure out how to watch a 13-26 Twins team for the rest of the summer. In short: The trip the Twins are on went off the rails at a number of places already this year. Analysis of what went wrong is fair, but at this point they are just bad. The only hope if you want to watch is to recalibrate your expectations away from imagining some grand turnaround and instead just allowing yourself to be occasionally pleasantly surprised.

9:00: Wild center Nick Bonino joins the podcast in advance of his 100th career playoff game on Tuesday night. What has he learned about postseason hockey in his path from 1 to 100 games? Is there certain wisdom he can convey to less-experienced Wild teammates? And can the Wild solve Marc-Andre Fleury — Bonino's former Cup-winning teammate in Pittsburgh — any more than they did Sunday?

15:00: Wild writer Sarah McLellan helps set up Game 2 of Wild vs. Vegas with an examination of what the Wild wants to keep doing after Sunday's 1-0 overtime win and what it might change in Game 2.

28:00: Unfortunate news for Ben Johnson and the Gophers: one of their most intriguing transfers is out 6-9 months.

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