"Phantom" Quentin Oliver Lee enjoyed a frigid Christmas in the Twin Cities. /Confetti Moon photo

The title character spends most of "The Phantom of the Opera" terrorizing people but, when he's not kidnapping operatic beauties or dropping chandeliers on the audience, even a bad guy gets to have a Christmas, right?

Current Phantom Quentin Oliver Lee -- along with his wife, actor Angela Graham, and the rest of the "Phantom" cast -- found himself in Minneapolis for the holiday season. The "Phantom" schedule was arranged so that it was possible for many cast members to work in a quick holiday trip -- an additional Thursday matinee the week before Christmas meant the show had a two-day break between a matinee on Dec. 24 and the next performance the evening of Dec. 26 -- but Lee, who has only been with the show about a week, opted not to return home to the West Coast.

Lee says most of the cast members who didn't go home Facetimed or Skyped with friends and family and then hung out together in the Twin Cities.

"I personally had some of the cast over for breakfast and games and then went to the movies, as is tradition for me," he said.

Lee saw "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" but others in the "Phantom" cast opted for a more career-appropriate title, musical theater vet Hugh Jackman in "The Great Showman."