This Meaning in Life quiz has been used to help people around the world understand and track their perceptions about their lives. It has been included in numerous studies and is being used internationally in public health and population surveying by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative and the International Wellbeing Study.



Read each statement and respond as truthfully as you can on a scale from 1 (absolutely untrue) to 7 (absolutely true).



1 Absolutely untrue

2 Mostly untrue

3 Somewhat untrue

4 Can’t say true or false

5 Somewhat true

6 Mostly true

7 Absolutely true


Presence of meaning

1. I understand my life’s meaning.

2. My life has a clear sense of purpose.

3. I have a good sense of what makes my life meaningful.

4. I have discovered a satisfying life purpose.

5. My life has no clear purpose.


Searching for meaning

1. I am looking for something that makes my life feel meaningful.

2. I am always looking to find my life’s purpose.

3. I am always searching for something that makes my life feel significant.

4. I am seeking a purpose or mission for my life.

5. I am searching for meaning in my life.


Source: University of Minnesota; Michael F. Steger