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'Pan' is labyrinthine fun

"Pan" is overlong, over-the-top and self-indulgently idiosyncratic. It's also wackadoodle original, stylish and well worth seeing. Director Joe Wright treats its "Peter Pan" source material to a zany graphic-novel rewrite several degrees more original and less sensible. Our Peter is not a flying hero yet, but a waif in an orphanage. When the urchins are asleep, bungee-jumping child snatchers grab a dozen youngsters, offloading them in Neverland. As Blackbeard, Hugh Jackman is a colorful mix of ennui and evil, but Garrett Hedlund is the gem of the piece as Peter's roguish new chum James Hook. The movie races ahead like a lunatic action-adventure variety show, a quirky fantasy about a fantasy. Colin Covert