So there I was minding my own business checking out the Vancouver Village map when I felt something hit my shoulder.  I thought maybe a teammate threw a stick to grab my attention.  I turned around and saw nobody to claim the offense.  In one movement I reached to brush whatever it was off of me and felt something gooey and slimy.  Of the apparel Ralph Lauren designed for Team USA, yesterday I choose to wear my favorite white sweater and white vest. In horror, I stared at my hand to discover I was pooped on!  Oh man, how poop can change your whole vision/goal for the day.  I raced back to my room to change and got to the laundromat as soon as possible.  I managed to save the sweatshirt but the vest has a slightly tragic story.  The poop was washed off just fine, but sadly, there is some yellow discoloration from the buttons.  How on earth am I suppose to get that out?  Any tips?  I learned after tweeting about my humorous distraction on facebook, that such an occasion is consider "good luck."  Well if that God's way of saying, "There's my girl," then someday I'll get to thank Him for the Holy Crap.

Well, today was Superbowl Sunday and what team does a Minnesotan cheer for when the Vikings are not playing?  I pick the New Orleans Saints.  I felt I could relate with them on a personal level.  First time in the Superbowl, my first time in the Olympics.  First time win in the Superbowl, first time . . . well, my goal is to race a career best.  I think I can do it, even though the ice not as fast as high attitude rinks.  

Speaking of which, tomorrow we are having a practice race.  Can't wait to see how well I do!

God bless and stay warm!

Rebekah Bradford