Big Ten Media Days closed Friday with the seven remaining coaches stepping to the mic. Here are some highlights:

Jerry Kill on the Gophers taking the next step in building a successful program:
“Last year we were one game away from playing [in the Big Ten championship game]. And, really, Wisconsin has been the one that’s kept us out of there. And I feel like we had a lot of success last year. We got three trophies. We haven’t had the axe in a long time. I think that’s been the issue. … How do you get over the hump? Got to recruit better players. Everybody gets fired up about the coaches and talks to the coaches. But coaches don’t win games. Players do. And I think our recruiting has gotten better, and that’s how we’re going to have to get over the hump. Our new facility is certainly going to help us and the commitment to that. So we’re excited about the progress where we’re at. And certainly when I got the job when we started, there’s a lot of difference than what it was four years ago.”

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany on the future of the conference and collegiate sports:
“We’re in transformative times in many, many ways, on the field and off the field, at our universities and in the sphere of communications. But I’m optimistic, not based on hope or faith, but based on action. Over the last two or three years, we’ve been able to move the aircraft carrier of college sports in a better direction. We have more work to do. But I really like the momentum that’s been created not only in the Big Ten but in the other major conferences around the country and through the NCAA. At times like this, leadership is important.”

Nebraska’s new head coach Mike Riley on making a rare job change:
“I haven’t transitioned in a long time. So I forgot what all the newness was about a little bit. But it’s been fun. First impressions about Nebraska are things that you already know, the passion for the place, the involvement and the engagement of the fans and the people there. It’s been really interesting to see and be a part of. … The transitioning part is not easy, but it’s also exciting. I’m personally excited about being in a new conference. The Big Ten, of course, is for us [unknown]. We don’t have any books on anybody. We’re going to be starting a little bit fresh. But in my world of coaching football and going to new places, new stadiums with a great history like there is in the Big Ten, it will be really a lot of fun.”

New Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh on the coaching talent in the Big Ten:
“That’s one of the exciting things about coaching in the Big Ten and knowing so many of the coaches. As you mentioned, Mike Riley [new Nebraska coach], head coach at the Chargers when I was there, also Paul Chryst [new Wisconsin coach] was a coach there and the staff. And some other connections. [Minnesota coach] Jerry Kill who had a lot of competition with my dad. My dad has always said that Jerry Kill is one of the best coaches that he’s ever coached against.”

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