Prince seems to be on people’s minds during this Super Bowl week. Whether it’s his former associates playing Prince tributes at Super Bowl Live on Nicollet Mall, reminiscing about his unforgettable 2007 Super Bowl halftime performance or Justin Timberlake having a listening party of his new album at Prince’s Paisley Park studio.

Maybe the best way for visitors and locals alike to get a taste of the Purple One this week without spending the bucks for Paisley Park tours is to check out the Prince pop-up display in the first floor of the old Macy’s on Nicollet Mall. It’s free.

A tease for what’s on display at Paisley Park, this pop-up features lots of Prince outfits, accessories and shoes. Lots of shoes. Striped ones, purple ones, ones decorated with clouds for the “Raspberry Beret” video. Some jewelry, canes and a pair of 3rdEye sunglasses are on exhibit. Hats, too.

Some of Prince’s outfits are in singular cases whereas there is one large road case crammed with multiple outfits. And the shoes, they’re everywhere.

What differentiates this pop-up museum from Paisley Park and a similar temporary pop-up at Mall of America in 2016 is that photos are allowed. Bring your cameras and cellphones. And some money because there are plenty of Prince souvenirs – from photo books to stocking caps – for sale.