If you've ever walked into the Creative Activities Building at the State Fair, you've seen the impressive handiwork of Minnesota cooks. Here are the top winners from the food categories; find the complete list at mnstatefair.org/competitions.

Baked products


Bread, white, no seeds: Dale Kingsbury, Eagan

Bread, Herb: Kristen Norman, Minneapolis

Bread, whole wheat or graham: Heather Zarrett, Champlin

Bread, raisin or dried cranberry: Carol Marsh, Duluth

Bread, whole grains: John Perhay, Savage

Bread, potato: James Lind, Minnetonka

Bread, artisan, sourdough or other non-ethnic: Anne Miller, Woodbury

Dinner rolls, whole grain: Emily Misgen, Faribault

Dinner rolls, white: Kim Mueller, Shakopee

Sweepstakes, yeast breads, plain dough: Heather Zarrett, Champlin


Coffee cake, apple (no rings): Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Sweet rolls, without fruit or nuts: Marilyn Johnson, Ham Lake

Sweet rolls, containing fruit or nuts: Sharon Su, Rochester

Coffee ring (ring shape only): Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Coffee cake, pull-apart: Sharon Su, Rochester

Sweepstakes, yeast breads, sweet dough: Karen Cope, Minneapolis


Banana bread, no additions: Nadia Drokina, Otsego

Lemon bread, no additions, no icing: Lois Thielen, Grey Eagle

Beer bread, using Minnesota craft beer: Cortney Carlson, Fridley

Not otherwise specified, bread: Sheila Mullen, Woodbury

Nut bread, no fruit or chips to be included: Chad O'Leary, Maplewood

Coffee cake, 8 in. or 9 in. round or 8 in. square: Roxanne Goodwin, Mound

Vegetable bread: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Muffins, blueberry: Steph Krueger, Lakeville

Muffins, poppy seed, no fruit, chips, nuts or vegetable: Joe Smithwick, Cottage Grove

Muffins, oatmeal, no fruit, chips, nuts or vegetable: Emily Hietpas, St. Paul

Muffins, containing vegetable: Debbie Ellingboe, Wayzata

Bundt-type coffee cake, whole cake; 8 in. or 9 in.: Melinda Chapel, St. Paul

Scones: Amy Ellenberger, St. Paul

Sweepstakes, quick breads: Candace Freeman, Melrose


Angel food cake, white: Melissa Findlay-Lampkin, Minneapolis

Chiffon cake: Nancy Dosen, Minneapolis

Chocolate chiffon cake: Sharon Su, Rochester

Sponge cake: Carmel Kaliher, St. Louis Park

Sweepstakes, egg cakes: Nancy Dosen, Minneapolis


Decorated cupcakes, Sunflowers: Heather Goulding, St. Paul


Cakes, three (3) or four (4) layers, 8- or 9-in., any flavor: Kelsey Oja, Minneapolis

White cake (with egg whites), 8- or 9-in. two-layer: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Chocolate cake, 8- or 9-in. two-layer: Carol Marsh, Duluth

Pound or loaf cake, no additions or topping: Darlynn Benjamin, Minneapolis

Light bundt cake, no marble, no topping: Chad O'Leary, Maplewood

Dark bundt cake, no marble, no topping: Aya Johnson, St. Louis Park

Vegetable or fruit type, single-layer cake, 8- or 9-in., round or square: Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

Sweepstakes, cakes with fat or cooking oil: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Grand cake sweepstakes (best cake of the fair): Candace Freeman, Melrose


Chocolate chip cookies, no fruits or nuts: Beth Christianson-Melby, Halstad

Chocolate chip cookies, with nuts, no fruit: Mary Horoshak, Fridley

Chocolate chip cookies, with oatmeal: Amy Clarke, Savage

Thumbprint cookies: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Light cookies, rolled flat, no frosting: Julie Palmquist, Andover

Dark cookies, rolled flat, no frosting: Candy Dreshar, Andover

Ice box (refrigerator) cookies: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Ball-type cookies, not flattened before baking: Maureen Grailer, Cambridge

Light cookies, drop: Elizabeth Connaughty, Rosemount

Dark cookies, drop: Wayne Detzler, New Hope

Peanut butter cookies, no additions: Ronald Maidment, Cannon Falls

Sandwich cookies: Joan Kinsley, Minneapolis

Light cookies, ball type, flattened before baking: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Dark cookies, ball type, flattened before baking: Joe Smithwick, Cottage Grove

Oatmeal cookies, no fruits, nuts or chips or icing: Debbie Ellingboe, Wayzata

Shortbread cookies: Karen Mateer, St. Paul

Decorated cookies — Presidential: Dawn Dvorak, Mayer

Bars, cake-type or "single layer," with or without topping: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Bars, layered, no lemon: Elissa Kalman, Orono

Chocolate brownies plain, no frosting: Charlie Lucas, Minneapolis

Chocolate brownies with nuts, chips and/or frosting: Michelle Geisel, Blaine

Sweepstakes, cookies: Joan Kinsley, Minneapolis

Sweepstakes, bars: Karen Cope, Minneapolis


Apple pies: Carol Marsh, Duluth

Creative apple pies: Carol Marsh, Duluth

Multi-berry pies: Timothy Scott, Mahtomedi

Sweepstakes, pies: Carol Marsh, Duluth


Ethnic baking, cookies: Jolynn Wilkinson, Golden Valley

Ethnic baking, bread: Gayle Werner, Minnetonka

Ethnic baking, crisp bread or crackers: Kristen Norman, Minneapolis

Ethnic baking, cake: Roberta Niemela, Golden Valley

Ethnic baking, not otherwise specified: Mary Drabik, Shoreview

Sweepstakes, ethnic baking: Roberta Niemela, Golden Valley

Gluten-free baking

Gluten-free: quick bread loaf: Melissa Hedwall, St. Paul

Gluten-free: scones or muffins: Kathleen Koderick, Rosemount

Gluten-free: cookies or bars: Joan Kinsley, Minneapolis

Gluten-free: cake, any flavor, 8-9 inch two-layer: Sarah Peterson, St. Paul

Gluten-free: yeast bread or rolls: Rachel Memelink, Minneapolis

Sweepstakes, gluten-free baking: Joan Kinsley, Minneapolis


Vegan Main Dish Contest: Amy Ellenberger, St. Paul

Cake Decorating Contest: Minnesota Landmarks: Connie Seelig, Eden Prairie

Blue Ribbon Best Bread Contest: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Blue Ribbon Best Cake Contest: Maggie MacIntosh, Minneapolis

Blue Ribbon Best Cookie Contest: Rachael Hood, Minneapolis

Blue Ribbon Best Pie Contest: Kathleen McCarron, Roseville

3 Cricketeers' Best Recipe Contest: Baked goods and other goodies: Anne Ahiers, Vadnais Heights

Les Dames d'Escoffier International: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Peterson Memorial Award: Carol Marsh, Duluth; Timothy Scott, Mahtomedi

Braham Pie Day, of Braham, Minn., the "Homemade Pie Capital of Minnesota": Carol Marsh, Duluth

Ingebretsen's Scandinavian Gifts: Roberta Niemela, Golden Valley

American Swedish Institute: Jolynn Wilkinson, Golden Valley

Catherine Hanley Ethnic Baking Award: Roberta Niemela, Golden Valley

Florence Brammer: Amy Ellenberger, St. Paul



Applesauce, no additions other than sugar: Maria Buhl, Inver Grove Heights

Fruit, unsweetened: Teresa Craig, Elk River

Syrup-packed fruit: Linda Lamosse, Blaine

Fruit syrup, single fruit, just liquid: Teresa Craig, Elk River


Apple: Robert Jackson, Excelsior

Blackberry: Joan Till-Born, Byron

Cherry: Betsy Born, Minneapolis

Crab apple: Barb Schaller, Burnsville

Currant: Liz McMann, St. Paul

Grape: Teresa Craig, Elk River

Herb or herb combo, no mint: Maria Buhl, Inver Grove Heights

Mint: Randi Madden, St. Paul

Pepper: Alya Shafik, Shakopee

Plum: Maria Buhl, Inver Grove Heights

Red raspberry: Jean Reuteler, Jordan

Strawberry: Ann Sparks, Preston

Wild fruit: Beth Dircks, Minneapolis

Wine or fruit and wine: Laura Ackerman, Cottage Grove

Combination of fresh fruits, at least two: Maria Buhl, Inver Grove Heights

Not otherwise specified: Beth Dircks, Minneapolis


Fruit with heat or spice coming from peppers: Mary Drabik, Shoreview

Apricot: Kim Narveson, Minnetonka

Black raspberry: Joanne Schultz, St. Paul

Blackberry: Karen Fanning, Minneapolis

Blueberry: Sarah Groen, Arden Hills

Cherry: Skarlie Martin, Bloomington

Orange marmalade: Kim Narveson, Minnetonka

Citrus marmalade: Jill Adams, St. Louis Park

Nectarine: Mary Carlson, White Bear Lake

Peach: Barb Schaller, Burnsville

Pear: Jessica Bartels, Hugo

Plum: Kim Narveson, Minnetonka

Red raspberry: Dorothy Barr, Minneapolis

Rhubarb: Michelle Jost, St. Paul

Strawberry: Alicia Swenson, Hastings

Wild fruit: Susan Lyall, Excelsior

Fruit, with additional flavors and/or spice: Jason Householder, Blaine

Rhubarb with other fruit: Katherine Anderson, Edina

Multi-fruit combinations, with no spice or flavorings: Susan Lindberg, Minneapolis

No-sugar jam: Cambria Breitkreutz, St. Paul

Fruit and wine or liquor (can include spice): Jean Reuteler, Jordan

Not otherwise specified: Rachel Yahnke, Minneapolis


Apple: Meg Hunter, Oakdale

Not otherwise specified (no pumpkin): Kathy Lee, Mounds View


Picante or salsa, mild: Susan Lyall, Excelsior

Picante or salsa, hot: Lexi Singer, Lakeville North High School, Lakeville

Chutney, fruit: Kim Kaiser, Minneapolis

Barbecue sauce, non-traditional style: Kurt Zinda, Braham

Barbecue sauce (no spaghetti sauce) traditional style: Robert McAdams, Minneapolis

Corn relish: Therese Weierke, Champlin

Pepper relish: Gillian Schilke, Minneapolis

Cucumber relish: Therese Weierke, Champlin

Zucchini relish: Sonja Wieber, Plymouth

Not otherwise specified: Therese Weierke, Champlin


Beet: Wayne Estenson, Maple Grove

Bean, can include dill: Kathy Lee, Mounds View

Bread and butter, sweet: Barb Schaller, Burnsville

Cucumber, sweet: Gwendolyn Swenson, North Branch

Dill, no garlic or vegetable: Gwendolyn Swenson, North Branch

Dill, with garlic but no other vegetable or spices: Wayne Estenson, Maple Grove

Dill, with other vegetables and/or spices, not hot: Robert Briant, Prior Lake

Dill, hot: Kathy Lee, Mounds View

Peppers, sweet: Amy Munsinger, Elko New Market

Peppers, hot: Amy Munsinger, Elko New Market

Sauerkraut (must be heat-processed): Michael Hanson, Plymouth

Watermelon rind, sweet: Kerry Kelzenberg, Bloomington

Not otherwise specified, single or mixed vegetable: John Swenson, Roseville


Display of non-herbed flavored vinegars, filtered, 3 varieties: Deborah Otten, Edina

Display of herbed vinegars, filtered, 3 varieties: No first place


Tomatoes: Teresa Craig, Elk River

Tomato mixture, Minnesota-style: Sonja Wieber, Plymouth

Tomato juice: Teresa Craig, Elk River


Dried fruit: Gillian Schilke, Minneapolis

Dried vegetables: Gillian Schilke, Minneapolis

Dried herbs: Timothy Roatch, West St. Paul

Jerky: Jason Westad, Roseville


Golden maple syrup, delicate flavor: Stu and Corinne Peterson, Dent

Amber maple syrup, rich flavor: Jack Sullivan, Edina

Dark maple syrup, robust flavor: Curtis Jones, Onamia

Very dark maple syrup, strong flavor: Jack Sullivan, Edina

Special contests

Canning with Mrs. Wages (jam): Gillian Schilke, Minneapolis

Mrs. Wages Blue Ribbon Award (best in show, jellies and jams): Skarlie Martin, Bloomington,

Mrs. Wages Blue Ribbon Award (best in show, relish): Therese Weierke, Champlin

Mrs. Wages Blue Ribbon Award (best in show, pickles): John Swenson, Roseville

Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Award: Curtis Jones, Onamia

Honey and Apiary Products


White honey: Amelia Narigon, St. Paul

Light amber honey: Karen Voy, Oakdale Parks Apiary, Oakdale

Amber honey: No first place

12-ounce plastic squeeze bear containers: Craig Fourre, Dayton


Creamed honey, natural flavor: Susan Imhoff, Andover

Creamed honey, fruit flavored: Warren Schave, Wyoming

Creamed honey, cinnamon flavored: Susan Imhoff, Andover

Honey Yeast Breads

White: Mary Ann Gertken-Johnson, Richmond

Cinnamon raisin: Linda Wendland, Chaska

Challah: Kris Cramer, St. Paul

Rye: Lois Thielen, Grey Eagle

Multigrain: Nicole Aufderhar, Walker

Dinner rolls: William Middeke, Eden Prairie

Sweet rolls: Sue Brown, Minneapolis


Fruit muffins: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Oatmeal muffins: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Scones: Sonia Jacobsen, Roseville

Banana bread: Marcia Adair, St. Paul

Gluten-free muffins: Mary Zastrow, Apple Valley


Carrot cake: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Chiffon or sponge cake: Zoe Gwinn, Field Middle School, Minneapolis

Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Award

Baklava: Pam Ploumidis, North Oaks


Peanut butter cookies: Chad O'Leary, Maplewood

Fruit bars: Joyce Lacey, Ashby


Apple pie: Fay Peterson, Apple Valley

Double crust fruit pie: Fay Peterson, Apple Valley

Pecan pie: Andrea Wambold, Eagan

Baked cheese cake: Meg Gehlen Nodzon, St. Paul

Baklava: Pam Ploumidis, North Oaks

Honey treats and granola

Snack mix: Kim Narveson, Minnetonka

Energy or granola bar: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Honey caramel popcorn: Joyce Lacey, Ashby

Honey baked nuts: Ted Narveson, Minnetonka

Honey granola: Karen Onny, Spring Park

Honey beverages

Honey lemonade: Andrew Panek, North St. Paul

Honey butters and spreads

Flavored honey butter: Oliver Mechtel, Brooklyn Park

Fruit preserve or jam, processed: Mark Manship, Minneapolis

Honey fruits and pickled vegetables

Peaches, plain or spiced: Diann Albers, Apple Valley

Any pickled vegetable or fruit relish: Diann Albers, Apple Valley

Any other canned fruit: Natalya Singer, Century Middle School, Lakeville

Honey salad dressings or dips

Russian or French style dressing: Janel Schliemann, Minneapolis

Tomato salsa, canned: Steve Gompertz, Andover

Fresh fruit or veggie salsa: Ronald Vickery, Eden Prairie

Vinaigrette: Marceil Luedtke, Roseville

Honey meat sauces

Barbecue sauce: Kim Narveson, Minnetonka

Mustard sauce: Sonja Wieber, Plymouth

Sweepstakes, honey food products: Joyce Lacey, Ashby