Erin Henderson addressed reporters in the locker room Wednesday and apologized after being arrested for probable cause DWI and possession of a controlled substance in Eden Prairie on Nov. 19.

"I apologize to my teammates and the organization for this situation coming and arising," he said. "But now it's here and it's something we have to deal with. I'm sorry if I brought any embarrassment to this team or this organization. I didn't want to be a distraction."

Henderson missed three days of practice and Sunday's game at Green Bay because of what the team described as a personal issue. Henderson said his personal issues were not related to his arrest, but he indicated that he's taking steps to make changes in his life. He declined to give specifics.

"I have been given the tools and the resources by the organization and the sources to help me along and further myself in this process and continue to become the person that I know I can be going forward," he said.

Henderson described his situation as "eye-opening."

“It was a wake-up call for me and, honestly, it may be something that I needed in the long run," he said. "Something I think will help me progress and become the person I’m capable of being and the man that I want to be. It was a tough situation having to sit at home and watch your teammates and watch your guys go out there to battle."

Henderson said his absence Sunday was a "mutual thing" between himself and the organization.

"All parties involved felt that it might be best to kind of step away from the game for a second," he said. "You guys know there can be a lot of stress and a lot of pressure that goes along with this gig and sometimes it’s best to just get away for a second and clear your head.”

Henderson was asked why he believes this is something that he "needed."

"You want to progress," he said. "You want to get better. You want to mature. You want to grow up and you want to do things a certain way. But sometimes you can’t get out of your own way. But I think something like this will give me the opportunity to really step back and look in the mirror and look at my reflection and become happier with the person that I am, and the person that I know I can become. And like I said, I’ve been given a lot of great tools and a lot of resources by the program and by the organization here, something I’m very thankful for. I look forward to showing you guys the improvements of myself.”

Henderson was asked to explain what he meant to be "tools and resources."

"Just to deal with life, man," he said. "Just to deal with the whole life process and dealing with, like I said, the stress and pressure of playing in the NFL. Coming in here and fighting for your job day and day out and what goes with that and what comes along with that. I have a family at home that I have to support and take care of. They’ve done a good job of giving me the chance to reach out to some people and talk to some people who understand better than I do what’s happening and what’s going on that will help me in the future.”