Minnesotans are set to head to the polls March 3, as the state joins more than a dozen others participating in Super Tuesday.

The vote will mark the first time in decades β€” and one of just a handful of times in state history β€” that Minnesota holds a primary election instead of party caucuses to select presidential nominees. Early voting starts Jan. 17.

With more than a dozen Democratic presidential candidates, including Minnesota U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, qualified for the ballot, the outcome could play a role in helping winnow the crowded Democratic field. Voters on the Republican side can opt for President Donald Trump or write in another candidate.

The switch to a new system β€” not to mention the crowded field on the DFL side β€”can be a lot to process. We're here to help. Send your questions about Minnesota's 2020 election using the submission form below and we'll answer some of them in upcoming stories.