The ax has fallen on Rick Hansen, the legislator who had been a critic of Legacy money spending.Hansen, a DFLer from South St. Paul, has been removed from the Lessard Sams Outdoor Heritage Council, which recommends spending from the so-called Legacy constitutional amendment for outdoors projects. Although he was to serve until 2013, Hansen said last month that subtle changes in the law were made to shorten his term. On Tuesday, Hansen was replaced by House leaders.A letter signed by House Speaker Kurt Zellers announced the changes. Hansen said he was informed by a fellow legislator of the move. "Rep. [Leon] Lillie told me," said Hansen, referring to the Lillie, a DFLer from North St. Paul who was appointed to the council.Hansen had complained that the legislative changes that shortened his term amounted to a "get rid of Rick Hansen amendment." Council members who at times were at odds with Hansen denied there was an attempt to remove the DFLer, and one said that "Rick needs to just kind of put his paranoia to rest."But said Hansen of the council: "There's not a strong tolerance for dissent." Hansen had cast the only "no" vote during the past three years on the council's funding recommendations.