Over the past year, hundreds of you have asked Whistleblower for help. While we can't investigate each tip, we want to share more of what you tell us. In 2009, we started publishing a few tips each week to stimulate online discussion and create ways for our readers to help each other. Unlike our news stories, we have not verified this information. If you have a tip, send it to whistleblower@startribune.com.

It's always disappointing to discover you lost out on a job, but one Whistleblower tipster was outraged when a state agency gave him the bad news via an e-mail sent to all the hopefuls.

"As you can see, my privacy was violated by the highly unprofessional use of a group e-mail with all the unsuccessful applicants' identities in the address line," he wrote to Whistleblower.

The tipster accused the state agency of violating a law that says the "names of applicants shall be private data" except when a person wins the job or is picked as a finalist. In a subsequent e-mail, the agency apologized for its "breach of protocol," but the applicant doesn't think that's good enough.

"The error was the lack of professionalism by using a group e-mail to inform candidates for this high level executive position state job," he wrote.

Has a prospective employer ever spilled the beans about your application?