It may be too early to dig into the dirt, but as of right now you can dig into the Star Tribune's garden blog.

Yup. The Greengirls are back.

From the first of the spring bulbs to the last of the tomatoes, the Greengirls will be blogging daily about what's going on in their gardens — and yours.

You've probably got some of your garden plans in place. So do we.

Kim Palmer is determined to get more Brussels sprouts than cabbage worms this year. She also wants to see how many different heirloom tomatoes she can grow in pots on her Eden Prairie patio.

Lynn Underwood has a clump of ugly, scraggly spirea in her Plymouth yard. Tearing that out and planting weigela in its place is no easy task. But she's going to do it, darn it. Her only question: should the weigela have red or pink flowers?

Ruby Glow lettuce. That's one of the new vegetable varieties Martha Buns is going to try this season. She's also going to make it harder for the bunnies to devour her veggies by building infrastructure (aka rabbit fencing). There is one thing she's not planting more of: kale. She's still eating the kale soups she made last fall.

Though she'll continue to ignore her lackluster lawn, Connie Nelson is vowing to give her vegetables the respect they deserve — and perhaps even the space they need. Instead of overcrowding her teeny Minneapolis garden again, she's going to rip out more perennials to make room. (Autumn Joy sedum, anyone?)

Master gardener Helen Yarmoska is downright giddy about her plans: She's going to start keeping bees in her Edina yard. The city recently passed an ordinance allowing bees and other critters, with neighbors' permission, of course. She's thinking she'll pass on raising chickens. At least for now.

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