The Midwest and Great Lakes will have more rainy weather Wednesday night and Thursday.

Earlier I was thinking about all the rain and severe weather that has been happening lately, and I have come to the conclusion that a good part of spring is not very nice from about 40 degrees (latitude) north. It seems to me that a good part of it is the garbage season. In other words, a vast area from the central and northern Rockies to the Northeast continues to deal with the trash leftover from winter. Northern air masses are still cold, while tremendous warming is occurring through the South. The clash between these two regimes can cause some real nasty weather at times.

This week alone, we've seen outbreaks of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes through the Central states, snow in the West and soaking rain in the East, and there is more bad weather to come.

Wednesday night and Thursday, another storm will move out of the southern Plains into the Midwest. North of the track, there will be a cold rain, while to the south, severe thunderstorms will run rampant.

Story by Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.