In the competitive Third District race for Congress, pitting Republican U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen against Democratic businessman and first-time candidate Dean Phillips, supporters on both sides are turning to grass-roots efforts in hopes of boosting the Nov. 6 turnout — and securing a victory.

At an Eden Prairie house in late August, a group of volunteers organized by progressive activists from Indivisible MN03 gathered over white wine and cheese plates to write out postcards to urge women to vote for Phillips. Indivisible picked out 12,000 women who are under age 35 and voted in the presidential election but not in the 2014 midterm, hoping to encourage like-minded voters to push Phillips to victory.

The group started sending out the postcards in February and will continue peppering the 12,000 voters through October with postcards, hoping the personal handwritten notes will resonate more than a fleeting Facebook post or TV ad. The group is also door-knocking throughout the district.

Supporters of Paulsen are doing the same, with activists from Americans for Prosperity Action door-knocking, calling 20,000 Third District households and sending out nearly 100,000 postcards — all to urge voters to cast a ballot for Paulsen. Americans for Prosperity Action is a new super PAC under the Koch political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity.