Libraries have long been all things to all people, to the best of their ability--they lend books, records, CDs, DVDs, artwork, e-books. There are meeting rooms, a piano room, places to hold readings and public events. But starting in June--no more bookstore.

The bookstore at Central Library on the Nicollet Mall of Minneapolis has long had a bookstore, where it sold donated books it didn't need, books removed from the collection, and other items. It was run by volunteers, the Friends of the Hennepin County Library and money received went back into programs and books.

But the library bookstore is closing at the end of the month, for the usual reasons: Costs were increasing, and revenue was declining. There are better, more efficient ways to fund-raise.

So the library's loss is your gain: Between now and May 30, the store's last day, you can stagger home with bagloads of books, each bag just $2. And if the library has been a favorite place for you to donate your used books, leave a comment with suggestions if you know of any good new places.

Here are the store's (limited) hours:

Sat, May 16 10am – 3pm
Thurs, May 21, 10am – 7pm
Sat, May 23, 10am – 3pm
Thurs, May 28, 10am – 7pm
Sat, May 30, 10am – 3pm