Three worthy personal finance reads over the weekend and today:

The first two are from USA Today:

You know me, the rewards-hog. Keeping track of the various loyalty programs I belong to can be a chore. This article, which reviews services that track airline miles and more, made me think maybe it's time to test one out.

I blogged recently about my family's ever present dilemma of whether to pay off our mortgage faster or to invest more in the stock market. This USA Today story is about how many Americans are trying to whittle down that mortgage, whether through refinancing or adding more to each payment. HousingWire wrote a similar story, mentioning a blog entry by Freddie Mac's chief economist that discussed the phenomenon of homeowners putting cash into the mortgage when refinancing to lower the loan principal and interest rate.

Finally, I learned about an entry at the New York Times' Bucks blog about best selling financial author and radio host Dave Ramsey via financial adviser Rick Kahler's daily email. Turns out Kahler wrote a blog entry last week taking Ramsey to task about his claim that investing in the stock market will deliver annual returns of 12 percent. Bucks tried to get Ramsey's response. Both the original post and the Bucks post is worth a read.

Another must-read is an eye-opening piece from Times' reporter Tara Siegel Bernard about the credit bureaus' two-tier system for correcting credit report errors.

What did you read over the weekend? Anything worth sharing?