When I need to turn to some friends to hear compelling parenting advice and inspiration, I 'd often tune in mother/daughter duo of Erin and Dr. Marti Erickson. You may know them from FM107.1's show Good Enough Moms, they left there in January to continue to converse on their new site www.goodenoughmoms.com.

May and I were on their show a few times during their time at the station and we always enjoyed our discussions with the mother/daughter team.These two are an excellent resource to turn to help navigate these early years of parenting.

I admit to feeling both honored and a little indulgent having their expert advice and opinions at my disposal during these shows. But one of the many things I've learned from parenting is "you are not alone." I knew if I was having certain questions and parenting issues, there were other listeners going through the same thing.

Their podcasts touch on a variety of topics that apply to parents of young children. You can read more about their new endeavor here from an article from the Star Tribune earlier this year Two Peas in a Podcast

I am loving the site. I just found myself nodding along vigorously and from time to time saying "Exactly! or mmm hmmm, Yesss!" during their podcast conversation with Richard Louv author of the popular "The Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder"

But, I think my co-workers think I'm a little odd talking back to my monitor.

I encourage you to check out what the multi-tasking, multi-faced Erin and Marti (aka the GEMs) have to say.

Download and listen while you go about your day or workout.

You can find a list of recent podcasts here. Good Enough Moms podcasts.

* Stay-tuned, Marti & Erin have invited May and I back to be guests on a future podcast. We are looking forward to talking with them again and will let you know when the podcast will be live.