To our readers: Thank you for taking part in our Mailbag Monday this week. Star Tribune beat writers received many questions about the teams and leagues we cover, and each writer selected at least a couple of questions to answer. Look for a question and answer about various teams in Star Tribune print edition this week.

Our golf mailbag is the reverse of what we usually do: I'm asking the questions and readers have the answers. Let's go.

Q. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s executive orders have closed the the state’s golf clubs during this coronavirus pandemic. If courses were open, would you play and why? Would it be the right thing to do?

Yes, getting outside is allowed and encouraged if done safely. 2 person max tee times, 1 person per cart or walk. Tee times are 15 minutes apart. -- @nistr052

Yep. Pay online, play solo or with those you’re quarantined with. Don’t touch the flag or hole...Absolutely. – @adheretothemob

I think it's an easy decision and a positive yes. Just force people under 65 to walk. Also, I have been filling my golfing void by playing disk golf. It proves most of the general public has been able to self regulate when given opportunity to resume a normal outdoor activity. -- @bigbeastly9

It would have to be walking so no one rides carts. But it would be great! -- @thronson29

Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Fleet Farm, any gas name the store or place still open because they're essential and they're about a million times more the risk exposure for the spread of CV19 as a golf course. -- @NordbyZander

 I don’t understand the golf argument. Here, let’s allow golfers, mostly played by middle to upper class white males, the opportunity to play golf because, well, they deserve it and promise they’ll be “responsible”. Meanwhile all other sports, activities, and parks = closed -- @wyma0023

Thank you for mentioning race. We can't have a proper discussion on any subject in 2020 with making race a part of it. -- @HimliJeremy

These have nothing to do with a virus spreading. Has nothing to do with fairness, who plays it, etc. it’s about staying away from confining with others…Play. The golf birdie isn’t the type of fowl this virus comes from. -- @CThommes

The risk will always be from ourselves. Those of us who have the ability to social distance should be all-in on it. Based on the question, I don’t believe playing is the right thing to do. – Wyma0023

You have 800-900 feet of social distancing off the tee and 300-600 feet on approach shots. There isn't a risk to mitigate (outside of no risk). They raise the cup 2 inches above the green, you don't even touch the flag… I played today. It's safe way to get outside and get some fresh air. Of course it's the right thing to do. Pay online and wipe down your cart with a Clorox wipe. I feel for the old people working at the grocery store, the guy riding the mower isn't going to catch it at work. @petetarian

Hell yes. It’s probably not the right thing to do – @murse215

There's a lot of anti-golf sentiment on the internet nowadays. -- @warkmarner

The Gov. is not a golfer. Am I right? -- @groover1975

Yes! I would. Seems like a great way to isolate if you are following the guidelines and staying 6 feet apart. -- @CollinKruse1

 I'd play with my sons, stay six feet or more away from others on the course. Need online booking and payment. No carts. A bunch of people grabbing flag sticks is a concern. Bring a glove and hand sanitizer? A smart ranger is essential. -- @stribgillespie

Why not just leave the pin in? – @CaspianMSP

Yeah-it’s been nagging at me since this whole discussion started (and since my brother works at a course in AZ as cart wrangler, starter etc.) -- @unstadj

Having courses open at home is much safer for our state than having a lot of weekend warriors going down to Iowa right now. -- @KyleScanlon65

Did it yesterday everyone either got their own cart or walked,no pins and no rakes. Felt a hell of a lot safer on the golf course than I did in the grocery store.-- @aaronlawrence81

Maybe just have no flags. Yeah you can't see where you're hitting but it could be closed instead. Could be fun with no flags. -- @nistr052

Why care about flags? Do you think a flag is going to have anywhere near the risk as a shopping cart or basket and any store? Think about the doors of most gas stations that aren't automatic? The counter where you check out? The flag is small potatoes, wipe w/ a lysol wipe. -- @NordbyZander

Yes i would, it’s exercise as well as a mental change from being inside and we can do it safely AND It also would bring some folks back to work! -- @rdunn5

Q. If you could play any Minnesota course private or public you haven’t yet played, which would you choose and why?

Interlachen. US Open venue and a very old CC course. Hoping to maybe this year. -- @elb612

Hazeltine -- @dhbrownsports

Northland CC. Heard the views are phenomenal and the greens all roll toward the lake. -- @PeteAmann

TPC Twin Cities post-Lehman changes for PGA Tour event -- @KSMITHMIN

Town and Country because it was just there taking up space for no reason my whole life. -- @AverageJer

Windsong Farm -- @bigbeastly9

Hazeltine would be fun to play a course were the PGA and LPGA players played and test my game -- @Brandongolf

Hazeltine is long & boring. The answer is Somerset in Mendota Heights -- classic Seth Raynor design who also has Fishers island & Yale on his resume. Small membership & doesnt get a ton of play so its always in pristine condition -- @breeds50

Hazeltine just grinds you down. Fun factor fades on the back side. I love The Classic but am also looking forward to my annual return to my roots at the Purple Hawk. – @Phunnsie

I used to drive to the Hawk from Fridley when I was in college $10 with student ID And then best fried chicken in MN in Grandy @ Brass Rail. Hazeltine wouldn’t crack my Top 10 -- only gets recognized because the majors played there. Rochester CC is another sneaky gem – @breeds50

Legends in Prior Lake. I played when it was Scottdale ages ago as a teenager. Way different now -- @SteveOmn81

Woodhill. The forbidden fruit -- @billfehlberg

White Bear Yacht Club -- @WillMoney11

Windsong Farm  #dabomb -- @siouxx74

Superior National at Lutsen seems like a fun course. -- @grewsing

Interlachen CC because I grew up nearby, and have been in the clubhouse but never the course. -- @werner_eric9

Somerset. I went to elementary school across the street 68-73 and was told anyone caught on the property would be arrested. In High school we used to sneak on and go sledding. Great looking course. -- @MilleBrando

Chaska Town Course! -- @martynancy

Spring Hill always wanted to play ask @MeatSauce1 if he likes it. -- @Bigkid31

Hazeltine has always been on my list. Just to experience it. try to keep it under 100 --@country_boy543

Chaska Par 30 -- @Aaron_Seehusen

The Classic -- @skar612

Superior National or Hazeltine of course – @weigel_a

Spring Hill Golf Club. Because I haven’t and I can’t, heard great things. -- @JohnMichaud21

Interlachen or White Bear YC -- @AlThomp

Public: Wilderness at Fortune Bay; Private: Spring Hill (played it once and should atop everyone’s list) -- @jerickson82

Hazeltine. Pops brought me for the 02’ PGA Championship. Can’t take that Hype away from a 12yr old. Lol gotta get myself out there someday.-- @MrWoodrowScott

The Wilds. I have heard great reviews. -- @groover1975

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