Going on summer vacation is supposed to be relaxing. So the last thing you want to worry about is your home being burglarized while you are working on your tan on some far-off beach.

St. Paul residents hoping for a little peace of mind while away can take advantage of the House Watch program in which the police will check on your home. The program is done by reserve officers operating through the department's community services unit, which can be reached at 651-266-5485. Make sure to give enough advance notice of your trip so that police can plan, said police spokesman Sgt. Paul Paulos. The House Watch program is for people who are gone for at least a week up to 30 days. 

According to crime statistics released Thursday, there were 50 burglaries (residential and commercial) that were reported citywide from June 26 to July 2nd.

Paulos said he thought that it might be even more important to let your neighbors know when you are going away (if you get along with them of course) so that they can keep tabs on your home. 

"That's your best source of defense," he said. "The more eyes you have, the better."

Neighbors shouldn't be afraid to report any suspicious activity, he said.