University of Minnesota interim athletic director Beth Goetz is getting a pay raise that would figure out to $95,000 per year for taking on her new role.

Goetz, who previously served as the deputy athletic director and senior woman administrator before taking over for Norwood Teague, will continue to be paid her current annual base salary of $170,800, bumping the total to $265,800 -- a 56 percent raise.

Her new contract states the interim athletic director role will be her's through the end of the calendar year, or until the university is “able to complete a national search and a new leader is in place.”

It also states that in the event a new athletic director doesn’t keep Goetz on staff, that the university will provide her with three months of salary past the end of the notice period.

“During this interim period, you will maintain your current responsibilities as Deputy Athletics Director,” a letter from university president Eric Kaler stated. “But I expect that you will need to delegate some of those responsibilities to the Athletics staff as appropriate so that you can focus more on your time on the Interim Athletics Director role. During this interim period, you will retain your current job classification, but will use the working title of Interim Athletics Director.”

Teague was paid $400,000 with up to $160,000 in other perks annually before he resigned earlier this month after two members of Kaler's staff said he sexually harassed them at a school-sponsored retreat. The resignation was announced on August 7.

Kaler said that Teague could be utilized as a consultant during this transition period at a rate of $285 an hour. Goetz said that Teague would only be used rarely, if at all.