While his old band the Jayhawks have been steadily putting out albums of late, including last year's communally spirited "XOXO," Gary Louris has been slow-going when it comes to solo efforts. His one and only solo LP, "Vagabonds," came out way back in 2008, when the Jayhawks were still officially on hiatus.

About time, then, for Friday's news of a second Louris solo record due to arrive June 4 via Thirty Tigers.

Titled "Jump for Joy," the new album was entirely recorded and performed by Louris in his home studio, though not entirely during the pandemic — as is evidenced by the charming story behind the slow-bouncing, semi-psychedelic first single "New Normal" (posted below).

"The oldest recording of the bunch," Louris said of the song in a press release announcing the album.

"I made this down in my basement studio in Minneapolis in the first decade of the new millennium. I was still learning the art of the digital studio. It is a dip of the toe into that world and is pretty rudimentary, and yet it has that touch of magic. The sounds just work, and I wouldn't know how to recreate this if I tried."

Since the 2000s, Louris's home studio has changed homes several times, including moves to North Carolina and Upstate New York. After a return to Minneapolis last year, he and his new wife Stephanie are now living in Hamilton, Ontario. He and the Jayhawks played three livestreamed concerts from the Twin Cities last year to promote "XOXO" and have makeup tour dates still wishfully on the books for later this year.

Pre-order options for "Jump for Joy" are now available via garylourismusic.com.

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