Walking through my garden last night I felt a bit like Sergio Leone in 1966.  Through the kitchen, spaghetti was wafting, I felt like I had the script of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” in my hand and all I needed were the characters.  Sure, Clint Eastwood might work for one of these parts, but really, the garden has it all.

Here’s The Good.  Early July and I’ve got cherry tomatoes turning red.  The competition for Good is the petunias that love this heat.  Cute and happy even in ninety degrees.







The Bad wasn’t too hard to find.  These hops vines are showing up in places where they don’t belong. 




Then I spotted the perfect Ugly. 

The Rabbit. 

Look what happened to my broccoli plants!  One would think that the warm spring was battle enough for these broccoli plants, now they have a little critter hiding behind a rock waiting for the right moment.  Good thing for him I’m a gardener and not a 6-shooter tottin’ cowboy like Clint.



The chef calls from the kitchen... "please bring in the herbs, it's time to add them to the sauce!"  Back to reality.

What have you got in your garden that’s Good, Bad or Ugly?  Who’s making the part in your garden/movie?