Obligatory Gaga-related story about her walking through an airport and looking silly in the process. Last time she fell off her shoes. This time she stayed on her shoes. The shoes are on the right. Wouldn’t you love to be late for your plane and waiting in line while someone takes those off, puts them in the bins, waits for the TSA guy to give them a long, long X-ray exam looking for hidden cavities of explosives? Then the person in front of you sets off the metal detector 12 times? People says:

Lady Gaga arrived at Los Angeles International Airport, wearing a unique metal accessory and very little else.


Luckily for Gaga, she wasn't breaking any airport security laws by toting a pair of handcuffs and chain.


A rep for the Transportation Security Administration tells PEOPLE the prohibited items list is based on what experts assess and analyze as a threat to aviataion (sic) security. Handcuffs, the rep says, do not pose an immediate threat.

Also pretty much naked, she was. Next month she will be having her skin removed, and she’ll be coated with lacquer so she doesn’t dry out entirely. More glamorous pictures of the airport incident, here

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