Ravpower Power Bank $59.99

Portable battery great fail-safe for travel

The Ravpower Power Bank portable rechargeable battery can keep your gadgets going when charging from a power outlet isn’t convenient.

Everyone has seen external batteries, and you might even own one or more.

The Ravpower 45-watt 20,100 mAh PD 3.0 Power Bank is an unassuming battery with three ports on its business end.

The Ravpower battery can charge an iPhone XS Max up to four times. It certainly has enough juice to keep two phones and an Apple watch charged for a long weekend. It would also be perfect for a long flight to keep your phone or USB-C laptop charged.

It has is a micro-USB port for charging it up, a USB-C port for fast-charging the battery and devices, and a traditional USB-A port. There is a four-light gauge for showing how much charge is left and a power button.

The battery includes a 24-inch micro-USB cable and a 3-foot USB-C cable along with a storage bag that has a pocket for the cables.

The battery can be recharged in just 3½ hours via the USB-C port if you have a 30-watt fast charger.

Ravpower Ultrathin PD USB-C Charger $54.99

Power source that earns spot in bag

Even after years of using many power supplies, the Ravpower 45-watt Ultrathin PD Charger is one that will still grab your attention.

The “PD” in the name stands for Power Delivery, which is a new standard that allows gadgets to charge faster.

The beauty of the Ultrathin is its size. It measures just 2.8 by 2.1 by 0.6 inches and it weighs 2.56 ounces.

The Ravpower Ultrathin uses Gallium nitride, a substitute for silicon in making semiconductors. GaN components generate less heat during use, so manufacturers can make their components and cases smaller.

The design is quite simple. The two-prong AC plug flips out for use and flips back in for convenient storage. It has one USB-C port and doesn’t ship with a cable.

The charger comes in black or white.

The Ravpower 45-watt Ultrathin PD Charger has earned a spot in any computer or travel bag.

Keep an eye out for more GaN products that will be making our chargers smaller.