The NFL management council released the amount of bonuses paid to NFL players this season, and right guard Brandon Fusco tops the list of Vikings with $237,000 added to his 2013 salary, which was $594,000.

After Fusco, the highest bonuses went to safety Andrew Sendejo ($188,500), cornerback Marcus Sherels ($186,750), safety Robert Blanton ($170,000), cornerback Josh Robinson ($154,000) and linebacker Audie Cole ($133,600).

Defensive end Everson Griffen, linebacker Marvin Mitchell, tight end Rhett Ellison and wideout Jarius Wright also made more than $100,000.

The system is designed to reward players who were low draft picks and don’t make a lot of money, but play a lot.

Each team doles out $3,460,000 to players, under the collective bargaining agreement.  All players get some money based on playing time, but there’s a wide range.

Justin Trattou, a seldom used defensive end, got the lowest among Vikings, $2,250.

Jared Allen, whose total pay from the Vikings was $16,865,186 got a bonus of only $9,280. Adrian Peterson, with a compensation package in 2013 of $13.9 million, got slightly more than $7,000.

According to, the performance-based pay is computed using a player index that includes totals plays divided by adjusted regular season compensation. That index is then compared to other players on the team.

A complete list of all NFL bonuses, first reported by ESPN, is available here.