Intro: Host Michael Rand takes a look at two big wins for local teams on Wednesday, with Minnesota United defeating Austin 2-0 in a full Allianz Field — the first time the home of the Loons has had full capacity since the 2019 playoffs — and the Lynx getting a big 87-85 road win over Atlanta. Both the Loons and Lynx started 0-4 but have rallied since then. Can they get their seasons back to level and beyond?

4:30: Rand is joined by three Minnesota sports fans — Douglas Farmer, Corbitt Harrell and Tom Pederson — to get their takes on both the ongoing inability to watch local Minnesota pro teams on Bally Sports North and what the future of watching sports on that channel (or any channel, if at all) might bring. All three shared their frustrations and perspectives as we head toward a time when sports viewing could become even more fragmented.

28:00: Are we heading toward a Hawks vs. Suns NBA Finals? As unlikely as that would have sounded a year ago, when neither team even made the playoffs, it's getting closer to a reality.

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