Deadspin had a fun post on Thursday asking readers, "If you could go back and change the outcome of a single play in any historical sporting event, which one would it be, and why?"

For a Minnesota sports fan, this opens up a floodgate of "what-ifs" and painful memories. Nevertheless, we thought it would be an interesting exercise to put that question out to you, but limit it to only plays that happened in games involving Minnesota teams.

Some obvious candidates come to mind: Gary Anderson's missed field goal in the NFC Title Game following the 1998 season; Brett Favre's interception late in the NFC Title Game following the 2009 season. Darrin Nelson's dropped pass in the 1987 game. Drew Pearson.

Joe Mauer's "foul ball" in the 2009 ALDS might be another pick. Even though he ended up walking after Phil Cuzzi made the wrong call on his would-be double, fans still might have a burning desire to know how that inning would have played out otherwise. Corey Koskie's hit in the 2004 ALDS against the Yankees, a ground-rule double that likely would have scored the go-ahead run and could have given the Twins a 2-0 series lead had it stayed in the park?

Or perhaps Anaheim's goal in double-overtime of Game 1 of the 2003 Western Conference Finals against the Wild? If that doesn't go in, maybe Minnesota wins the game and the series is completely different?

We're missing tons of other candidates, so as you ponder this question and leave your answer in the comments, obviously don't feel like you have to pick only the ones we mentioned. But remember: It's just one play that we're looking for here.