Keith Ellison, the DFL-endorsed candidate for state attorney general, stopped by his party’s tent at the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday to speak with supporters about his campaign.

Ellison met with more than a dozen people by the tent. He said in his conversations with fairgoers, no one has asked about the allegation his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan raised before the primary election of a 2016 domestic abuse incident.

“That’s basically just the reporters who want to know about that,” he said. “I’d like to talk about the attorney general’s race.”

Ellison has repeatedly denounced the allegation while adding that it’s important to listen to victims of domestic violence.

At the tent, people came up to shake his hand, take photos and chat. They talked mostly about policy, including access to affordable education and prescription medication such as insulin. Ellison said that other people earlier in the day wanted to talk about health care, student loan debt and LGBTQ rights.

Earlier in his visit, the congressman took the podium in the center of the tent to deliver a short speech about his campaign. A crowd of supporters surrounded him, cheering and clapping.

“Democratic attorney generals across this country are defending the rights of Americans in Minnesota and everywhere,” he told them.

Ellison won the primary election earlier this month and was endorsed by the Minnesota DFL Party at a delegate meeting in Cambridge last weekend.