Q What is considered running a red light? Are we supposed to keep going if the light is yellow? I stop when the light is yellow and constantly get honked at.

A According to the law, you may not drive past the stop line, enter the crosswalk or enter the intersection when the light is red.

If the light is yellow, do not enter the intersection if you can stop safely before doing so. If you cannot stop safely, move through the intersection with caution.

If you are waiting in the intersection to make a turn and the light turns from yellow to red, complete the turn as soon as safely possible.

There are two exceptions to driving through a red light: First, if you are making a right-hand turn after you have stopped and yielded to traffic. Second, if you are making a left-hand turn from a one-way street onto another one-way street, after you have stopped and yielded to traffic. In either case, the turn is legal only if there is no sign prohibiting these turns.

The reason for the honking may be that the drivers behind you expect you to drive like they do. A common practice is to hit the gas when the light turns yellow and zip through the intersection.

Includes information from Minnesota State Patrol

Green birthday party Q I'm planning a birthday bash at my house. I'd like to use disposable plates and utensils but I hate throwing all that stuff away afterward. Are there nonplastic or paper products I can use that are better for the environment?

A Use compostable eating utensils and serving ware. Made out of potato starch, corn, bamboo or sugar-cane waste, they break down in your own back-yard composter or can be taken to a composting factility.

Twin Cities Green has nonplastic, biodegradable plates, cups, bowls and eating utensils. They'll also pick up your compostables after the party, if you wish, and take them to a composting facility. For more information go to www.twincitiesgreen.com or visit Twin Cities Green at 2405 Hennepin Av. S., Minneapolis, 612-374-4581.

Or ask for compostable ware at co-ops such as the Wedge in Minneapolis or check online sites such as www.ecoproducts.com.

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