The first state Capitol hearing for a public subsidy package for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium is scheduled to be a short one.

The Senate Committee on Local Government and Elections, chaired by Sen. Ray Vandeveer, R-Forest Lake, has announced it will hear testimony on the 70-page proposal beginning Wednesday at 1 p.m. – and will vote no later than 2:40 p.m.

The $975 million stadium would be built at the site of the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis, and be constructed with $427 million from the Vikings, $398 million from the state and $150 million from the city of Minneapolis. The Vikings would also contribute $327 million to the stadium's operation and capital expenses, and the city would add another $189 million.

The state's contribution would be funded by allowing electronic bingo and pull tabs in bars and restaurants, although there are some doubts whether doing so would provide enough money for the stadium.

The proposal was unveiled two weeks ago after months of closed-door negotiating, and stadium supporters are racing to get the project approved by the Legislature in the next month. No House hearing has yet been scheduled.