If you're a baseball fan of a certain age, you probably noticed something in the wee hours of Wednesday night: that final out of the 2016 World Series for the Cubs sure looked a lot like the final out of the 1987 World Series for the Twins.

In both cases, it was a slow ground ball to third. In both cases, a young budding star threw sidearm across the diamond to another young budding star — Gary Gaetti to Kent Hrbek for the Twins, Kris Bryant to Anthony Rizzo for the Cubs.

And in both cases, of course, a massive celebration ensued. Game 7 this year basically had the drama of 1991 (entering the ninth inning tied and being settled in the 10th) with the final out of 1987.

If you are both old enough to remember that 1987 Twins game and young enough to have stayed up for a game that ended around midnight Wednesday night, congratulations!

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